Nicaragua ranks as the country with the highest number of favorable resolutions for humanitarian parole

At least 19,000 Nicaraguans have managed to reach the United States through humanitarian parole. Another 20,000 nationals await the resolution of their case, reported the US media CBS News. According to an analysis carried out by the Cuban newspaper El Toque, 95 percent of the applications from our country were approved.

The number of approval of compatriots exceeds that of countries like Cuba that only accumulates 6.3% of positive responses, Haiti has 6.7%, Venezuela follows Nicaragua with 38.3% of income.

However, Nicaragua is the nation with the fewest number of applications. Cubans have entered 380,000 parole requests, Venezuela 120,000 and Haiti 580,000, all pending resolution.

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The United States Immigration authorities have received 1.5 million parole applications in the first months of the year.

The National Secretary of Security of the United States, Alejandro Mayorkas, assured in a conference that between Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela there are more than 100,000 citizens who have arrived in the United States by legal means covered by the humanitarian program, reducing by 90% the border meetings of these groups.

US Embassy in Nicaragua encourages you to apply for parole

On its social networks, the United States Embassy in Nicaragua calls on citizens to take advantage of the parole.

With this, they insist that they guarantee a safe and cost-free process. They emphasize that the request is made digitally, quickly and guaranteeing a risk-free exit.

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