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Nicaragua formalizes three agreements with Iran: commercial exchange, medicine and justice

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The National Assembly, with a Sandinista majority, formalized this Wednesday, July 5, the approval of three Memorandums of Understanding signed by the administration of Daniel Ortega with the Islamic Republic of Iran related to cooperation in the economic and commercial fields; in the field of health and justice.

Through decree AN 8852, published in La Gaceta, legislators order the creation of a mixed intergovernmental commission between Tehran and Managua, which supposedly “will contribute to the development of Economic, Commercial Cooperation and Technical Scientific Exchange between both nations.”

They also point out that both parts of the commission “will promote, in accordance with their respective internal legislation, cooperation in areas of common interest, in accordance with the provisions of this memorandum.”

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“The cooperation will cover sectors of common interest, particularly in the areas of economic, commercial, scientific and technical cooperation with particular attention, but not limited to the fields of mining energy, science, agriculture, health, technologies, banking and finance, defense and security and other areas that are of interest and agreed by the parties, “they point out.

National Assembly of Nicaragua.

Through decree AN 8853, the National Assembly also ratified the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Medicine, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment and Supplies between the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Nicaragua.

The objective of this agreement, according to the Nicaraguan Parliament, is to facilitate the importation of laboratory and pharmacy equipment and supplies to Nicaragua from Iran.

In addition, they detail that “drugs produced in drug manufacturing companies in Iran and authorized and registered with the Iranian Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, are considered authorized and registered with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health. Consequently, medicines produced in medicine manufacturing companies in Nicaragua and authorized and registered with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health are considered medicines authorized and registered with the Iranian Ministry of Health, Treatment and Education.” Likewise, for medical equipment, supplies and consumables registered in both health institutions.

On the other hand, the deputies of the National Assembly approved the Memorandum of Understanding between the Supreme Court of Justice of Nicaragua and the Ministry of Justice of Iran.

President of Iran arrives in Managua.
President of Iran arrives in Managua.

According to Decree AN 8855, both countries will cooperate “in the exchange of experiences on the law-making process and the legal system of the respective States; in the exchange of delegations of government officials to become familiar with the organization and activities of the parties; in organizing and conducting seminars, conferences, case studies and other similar events to further enhance the professional education and training of legal officers and other experts in the field of justice; and in mutual assistance to the educational institutions of the Parties in conducting international law courses.”

They will also cooperate in the “exchange of information and best practices in legal services; exchange of information on legislation and best law enforcement practices, legal literature and any other legal publications; in postgraduate education and professional training of the personnel of the justice bodies; and in assisting in the development of a legal assistance and service system to enforce the legal rights, liberties, and interests of the parties’ citizens and corporations.”

“Each Party will guarantee the confidentiality of the information and documents received from the other Party under this Memorandum and will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of the providing Party,” the agreement reads.

The three memorandums were signed on June 14, when the dictator of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, visited Nicaragua and held a meeting with his Nicaraguan counterpart, Daniel Ortega. These agreements will have a duration of five years and will be automatically renewed for an equal period.

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