Nicaragua exceeds 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19

Nicaragua exceeds 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 exceeded the barrier of 20,000 in Nicaragua, since the pandemic was detected in the Central American country in March 2020, the Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday.

In the last seven days, 77 new patients with the coronavirus were detected in Nicaragua, bringing the accumulated number to 20,041 confirmed infections, according to the weekly report from the Ministry of Health.

Although the number of patients is increasing gradually, the number of deaths has remained at 245 since last July, according to reports from the health authorities.

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The official numbers contrast with those presented until last July by the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory, a network of independent doctors that monitors the pandemic, which reported 6,066 deaths from pneumonia and other coronavirus symptoms, in addition to 32,650 suspected cases, data that the government rejects.

The Nicaraguan health authorities indicated that “from the beginning of the pandemic to this day, we have cared for and provided responsible and careful follow-up to 15,365 people.”

“People who have been under responsible and careful follow-up for covid-19 have frequently had associated conditions, such as arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart disease, immunodeficiency syndrome, chronic renal failure, a history of stroke, tuberculosis pulmonary disease and chronic lung diseases”, explained the Ministry of Health, in its report.

Minsa registers 48 cases of COVID-19 in Nicaragua in seven days. EFE/Jorge Torres

The Health portfolio also pointed out that since the beginning of the pandemic it has “achieved the recovery of 15,043 Nicaraguans.”

The Nicaraguan Executive has reported that 92% of the population over 2 years of age already have the complete vaccination schedule against covid-19, while 96% have at least one dose.

Nicaragua has not applied restrictive measures as part of the fight against the coronavirus since the pandemic began, which has earned it criticism from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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