Nicaragua accuses Washington of fueling the 2018 protests, the US rejects this “narrative”

Nicaragua accuses Washington of fueling the 2018 protests, the US rejects this “narrative”

Nicaragua accuses Washington of fueling the 2018 protests, the US rejects this “narrative”

Nicaragua accused Washington of fueling the protests against President Daniel Ortega in April 2018, which led to a sociopolitical crisis that seems to have no end in Managua, something that was denied on Friday by the US State Department, which regretted the “narratives that say the opposite.”

The vice president and spokesperson for the Nicaraguan government, Rosario Murillo, accused the United States Embassy in Managua on Thursday of orchestrating the protests, just six years after the beginning of the demonstrations that were repressed with violence and they left more than 300 deadaccording to human rights groups and NGOs.

“Six years ago, the tares tried to penetrate us by express orders from the American Embassy and other troupes, sectors of the Catholic Church, sectors of cowardly businessmen and black heralds who only wanted and foretold death, destruction,” Murillo said in a speech transmitted by official means.

The US government, for its part, pointed out that what really happened in 2018 was that all sectors of society, students, activists, workers, journalists and young and old citizens exercised their fundamental rights of peaceful assembly and free expression and For that reason “the Ortega-Murillo regime and its supporters attacked them for expressing their discontent.”

“The international community knows very well what happened in April 2018 despite narratives that say otherwise,” the State Department commented in an email to the Voice of Americaand recalled that in February 2024 the UN Group of Human Rights Experts on Nicaragua reaffirmed his conclusions previous “on Ortega-Murillo’s responsibility for systematic violations and abuses of human rights.”

“We continue to support the Nicaraguan people,” concluded the State Department.

Since the beginning of the 2018 crisis, Washington has imposed a series of sanctions against the Nicaraguan government as a result of the “regime’s abuses” against sectors critical of President Daniel Ortega.

Rosario Murillo assured that the protests cost the country 206 million dollars in damages.

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