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Nicanor: “Santi Peña is a polarizing man”

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Nicanor: "Santi Peña is a polarizing man"

Nicanor Duarte Frutos, director of the binational entity Yacyretá (EBY), told 1080 AM that the one who has to start articulating a unity discourse in the ANR is “Honor Colorado” and not the ruling party.

«The pride that may exist there can lead to great difficulties. Marito beat Efraín by two points and this same scenario is going to happen. The Concertación also did not register more than 600 thousand in the internal ones and in the general ones they reached 1.2 million. Santi is a polarizing man. We must unite the party but we must speak honestly. Nobody is going to run with anybody. Yes, we talk about how to manage power, if you don’t want to talk about it, go ahead, let’s see how you work for unity, “he said.

He maintained that it is necessary to speak politically, since the administration of power is being played.

“April 30 will be a fierce fight, we will do everything possible to retain power but it depends on the winner (for Santi Peña),” he said.

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