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Nibia Reisch: “Compensation for victims of tupamaros”

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Deputies approved an initiative that establishes compensation for the victims of the guerrilla, a project for which the deputy Nibia Reisch has been working for years.

The text establishes “moral, social and economic compensation” to the military, police and civilians, as well as their families, who “have suffered damage to their person and property as a result of the illegal acts that occurred between January 1, 1962 and on December 31, 1976, by members of groups armed for political reasons.”

The State will promote material or symbolic actions of moral reparation in order to restore the dignity of the victims of the illegitimate use of power exercised by members of armed groups, as well as honor their memory, the document indicates in its fourth article. The project also maintains that the expenses generated from the application of the eventual law will be financed from General Revenue.

The governments of Presidents Jorge Batlle and Tabaré Vázquez had submitted projects that granted compensation to relatives of military policemen and civilians who were killed by the Tupamaros when they attacked the democratic institutions of our country, but these initiatives did not prosper.

“We promoted this project again because it seemed to us that it was strictly fair that if the Tupamaros had received reparation for the actions of the State, those who the Tupamaros killed had to be repared. Many years ago we came with this fight”, said the red deputy for Colonia, Nibia Resich.

This new law includes compensation of $150,000 for the relatives of those who lost their lives, $100,000 for those who suffered permanent, total, or partial disability, and $50,000 for those who were deprived of liberty for more than 72 hours by these groups. Those who have already received compensation will be paid the difference. That amount was stipulated in the last project presented on the subject, in the government of Tabaré Vázquez.

“It seems to us strictly fair, since it seemed to us that in our country there was a hemiplegic vision of what happened,” Reisch reaffirmed.

The legislator was satisfied that the initiative included a symbolic repair with monuments that preserve the memory of these people, something that she had directly raised and requested from the Ministries of the Interior and Defense.

“The only difference I have is that the reparation comes from the State and it seemed to me that it should be the Tupamaros themselves who should make reparations to these people,” the deputy concluded.

Secretary of the Colonian deputy Nibia Reisch (Citizens – Colorado Party)

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