Ortega seeks to reform laws to toughen sentences for opponents and expropriate their assets

NGOs regret measures of the government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua

Organizations have lamented the measures of the government of Daniel Ortega and affirmed that the massive closure of these institutions “is one more crime that the Ortega Murillo regime commits against Nicaragua.”

This week’s list included the Nicaraguan Academy of Languagefounded 93 years ago, causing criticism from international and local intellectuals.

Within the organizations that will be annulled on this occasion, there are several focused on human rights, others in defense of women’s rights and some think tanks.

“Not only does it mean the violation of the right to freedom of association, but it also disrupts the individual level, since the direct victims of these perverse actions are the people who were benefited by the support of the NGOs now destroyed,” said the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) it’s a statement.

“How many more (cancelled NGOs) are needed? Obviously the Ortega Murillo regime seeks to dismantle Nicaraguan society and cause the destruction of the social fabric with the desire to concentrate and strengthen his dictatorship,” added the agency, without legal status since 2018 and which operates clandestinely.

One of the most important organizations is the Center for International Studies (CEI), directed until 2013 by the stepdaughter of Daniel Ortega, Zoilamerica Ortega Murillowho accused the president of alleged sexual abuse.

In a recent interview, sociologist Ortega Murillo stated that the annulments represent “an extermination of the expressions of civil society” and added that these decisions seek to “turn Nicaragua into a desert of autonomous expressions.”

“Definitely a fence is being woven in which any type of social care policy will come exclusively from the government and everything will have to be thanked to the Nicaraguan government and specifically to Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo,” Zoilamérica told the VOA Recently.

The government argues that these agencies allegedly failed to register in the registry as Foreign Agentwhich is a law approved last year and that, according to opponents, seeks to control the entities.

Likewise, they are told that they allegedly failed to comply by not showing their financial statements. They are also accused of not updating the boards of directors, or reporting previous donations from abroad.

“The aforementioned entities have transgressed and failed to comply with their obligations established in the legislation that governs them”, indicates the official document that justifies the imminent closure of the organizations that underlines that “with these actions the entities have hindered the corresponding control and surveillance.”

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