Newly elected President of Social Convergence also reviews Latorre: “We need temperance in our ranks”

The statements of the senator from the DR, Juan Ignacio Latorre, did not sit well with the Government. In an interview, the legislator referred to the fracture in the ruling party in the framework of the processing of the TPP11, a complex issue for the Executive, who finds themselves without room for maneuver due to the constant criticism received for delaying its ratification.

“Democratic Socialism is part of the Government, it is in the political committee and I imagine that its ministers will have the leadership capacity to persuade their parliamentarians to align themselves behind the program,” Latorre said in conversation with the newspaper. The Mercuryto add that “perhaps they have a history of lack of political loyalty with their leaders, since neither Bachelet nor Lagos were treated very well. So, they should not come and tell us how to manage a coalition, because at the time they also crisis”.

Latorre’s statements were answered on Monday by other members of the government coalition. One of them was the recently elected president of Social Convergence -part of Approve Dignidad-, Diego Ibáñez.

“We need temperance, we need loyalty and commitment to our own ranks. Today we are in a government that has two coalitions (…) and in the middle of the game I am not going to criticize my forward or my midfielder because they are playing badly, that will be seen in the dressing room,” he said.

The president of the PPD, Natalia Piergentili, assured that the words “are of tremendous hostility. One of the things that we have to work on is the union of these two coalitions, and if he intends to govern only with a coalition that discusses it with the President, but I do not want to delve into words and historical analysis that I do not share at all.

Call to unity from the Government

From the Executive they also made a call for attention to Latorre. The person in charge was the government spokeswoman, Camila Vallejo, who without mentioning it, called for the unity of the coalitions that make up the government. “It is no use getting involved in fights over the press, and this is not an answer exclusively for the senator, it has to do with a general call. We have a tremendously important wealth in the diversity of both coalitions, a fundamental condition to advance, no separate party governs, no separate coalition manages to govern, we need all of us in our diversity and that is why it is so important for us to make that call from the Government to unity”, said the Secretary of State.

Along these lines, he maintained that “unfortunately we have become accustomed to controversies by the press, and we are left with superficial, conjunctural discussions, as a result of that.”

“But the truth is that citizens expect much more from us, they expect us to get out of the controversies over the press, from the cahuín logic, and start working together, in unity, because work and not controversy is what that will allow us to have results in the short term, which is what is demanded by Chilean men and women”, he concluded.

Latorre acknowledged receipt of criticism

Latorre acknowledged receipt of criticism from Ibáñez, Vallejo and other members of the ruling party, since during the day, he welcomed the call “for the unity of the parties that support the government. We need to build a new intergenerational synthesis, with unity of purpose and programmatic I hope that the pro-government conclave will serve this challenge”.

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