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New York police investigate another shooting in the subway, which left no injuries

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The new york police investigates this Saturday a shooting that occurred in the city subway, on a train that was at the height of the Bronx district, which left no injuries.

According to local media, the event took place on line 4 of the New York subway around 00:50 local time this Saturday. Although the exact location of the incident is unknown to law enforcement, it is believed to have occurred near the Burnside Avenue station, as several shell casings were found there.

They described the suspects as a man and a woman in their 20s, both Hispanic. The subjects fled the train at the 183rd Street station.

Although there were passengers on the train at the time of the shooting, authorities stressed that no one was injured.

New York police investigate new shooting

The event comes just a few days after another shooting in the New York subway in Brooklyn, in which 10 people had to receive medical attention. This due to gunshot wounds and another 13 due to smoke inhalation, since the attacker threw a smoke bomb into the car.

The alleged perpetrator, Frank James, was arrested a day later and remains in police custody after being denied bail on Thursday.

New York is registering a notable increase in crime, and last February official figures indicated an increase of almost 60% compared to the same month of the previous year.

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