New TSJE ministers elected unanimously

The Chamber of Senators held an extraordinary session where they discussed edict 02/2022 on vacant positions in the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE).

Said positions belong to the vice-president Alberto Ramírez Zambonini, and to the member María Elena Wapenka. The former turned 75 on April 22. While the minister turned the same age on May 14 last.

The striking thing about the elections was that the candidates were elected unanimously. César Rossel received 45 votes (from 45 senators). While Jorge Bogarín received 44 votes and only one abstention (Enrique Riera).

Salyn Buzarquis, national senator for the Liberal Party (PLRA), moved for the candidacy of César Rossel.

“César Rossel is a career official within the public service, climbing different positions and directions. Apart from his in-depth knowledge of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE). If we look at his performance throughout the contest, he was clearly among the top scorers, in the overall standings he ended up in second place,” he stated.

Patrick Kemper, national senator for Hagamos, supported Buzarquis’s motion, stressing that Rossel has proven knowledge to hold the position of minister.

“He is a doctor in public law with an emphasis on governance. He is a specialist in constitutional law, a specialist in political consulting, a specialist in electoral law, political marketing, university didactics. He participated in many international missions. It will be a luxury for the TSJE”, he highlighted.

Carlos Filizzola, representing the Guasu Front bench, proposed Jorge Bogarín González, a lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Catholic University of Asunción (UC), with the mention of distinguished student.

“We are before a lawyer and jurist who knows and loves the law as a whole. Due to his firm and conciliatory character, he is in a position to carry mutual control in the TSJE. His unfailing honesty will be essential to guarantee respect for the will of the people,” he commented.

Martín Arévalo, national senator for the ANR, chartist, supported Filizzola’s motion.

“We all know his long judicial career. It will be a guarantee and will go in the independent sector. It is what one expects from the profile and the personality to occupy that space”, he expressed.

Fernando Silva Facetti, national senator for the PLRA, bench “B” and Georgia Arrúa, national senator for the Beloved Fatherland Party (PPQ), also highlighted Bogarín’s profile. This choice of candidates now goes to the Executive for approval.

The selection process of the applicants was questioned by two aspects. The first was the inclusion of the candidate Gustavo López Benítez, at the end of the contest, despite the fact that he no longer reached the minimum number of points necessary for not having delivered all the required documentation in a timely manner.

The second questioned point was the integration of the shortlists, since the best scores were in the first shortlist while the worst scored in the second. In other words, the criticism was because alternate integration did not occur.

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