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New system announced to allow digitization of plan approval in Asunción

Representatives of various productive unions expressed themselves in favor of the bill that seeks to penalize those who carry out road closures in our country, since they maintain that this type of practice violates the constitutional right of free transit and generates damage to the national economy.

During a conference held this morning at the headquarters of the Paraguayan Industrial Union (UIP), different unions from different productive sectors established a position on the bill presented days ago by Senator Enrique Riera that aims to penalize road closures.

In the statement, they point out that the inhabitants of this nation “cannot be permanent hostages and continue to live under the threat that today or tomorrow someone will interrupt the exercise of our right to move freely throughout the national territory.”

Likewise, they state that the real discussion is not related to the right to protest “as some sectors self-interestedly propose” but rather whether a group of people will continue to be allowed to “coerce the rest of the Paraguayans” through the roadblocks.

“It is not acceptable that some sectors, raising the banner of the right to demonstrate, ignore the constitutional guarantees of other citizens. Free transit, as well as all constitutional rights and guarantees, cannot be the subject of any discussion. We must all respect it on equal terms,” the text refers.

In this sense, they question the idea of ​​wanting to establish that each claim can only be achieved through harm to others and even violence, underestimating the ability to engage in dialogue without affecting third parties.

In this way, the productive, business and industrial unions give their support to the bill that increases the penalties for impeding free transit and coercing citizens who do not participate in the protest. “It is a valid instrument of public policy that the sectors represented here support and defend with conviction.”

For this reason, they demand that the Legislative Branch consider this proposal, which will be of the utmost importance for the country, since they believe that it will help guarantee predictability, attract investment, generate decent jobs, and project sustainable social and economic development.

“Let us not allow the irrationality of some sectors to cloud our own judgment […] Above all, let us not allow them to negotiate with our right to circulate, to work and above all things to live freely, within the framework of the law, and based on mutual respect”, the statement states.

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