New radio communication systems in Ngäble-Buglé facilitate medical care

The installations of several radio communication systems in different communities of the Ngäble-Buglé region have had positive results in medical assistance.

Thanks to the emergency call made from the radio communication station installed in the Cascabel school, in the Mironó district, the radio operators of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) carried out the inter-institutional coordination to carry out the transfer of a patient to a hospital center and the Joint Task Force team were immediately able to evacuate the boy Orlando Santos along with his mother from the community of Cerro Pita to the Cascabel Health Center, after suffering multiple injuries from falling off a horse.

The system is integrated into a national emergency communications network, thus taking its information to the main bases of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), and to the C5 National Operations Center, located in Panama, and the base The central office is located in the Ngäbe Buglé government building, in Llano Tugrí.

Currently, the radio communication systems work in the communities of Emplanada de Chorcha, Cerro Banco, Hato Jobo, Buena Vista, Hato Corotú, Llano Ñopo, Buenos Aires, Ñurum, Norteño and Cascabel.

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