Ministry of Social Security will discuss options for informal workers

New pension minister wants to review reform

The new Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi, announced his intention to revise the Social Security reform and to eliminate the queue at the National Social Security Institute (INSS). Upon assuming the portfolio, he also defended the regionalization of retirement rules.New pension minister wants to review reform

“I have to talk to the finance and planning ministers; but we need to take care of the delays that occurred in this anti-reform [da Previdência]”, said Lupi in front of an audience of guests who applauded him.

The new minister announced the intention of setting up a quadripartite commission with representatives of the government, employers’ unions, workers and retirees. According to him, this commission will analyze “in depth” the changes brought about by the pension reform in 2019.

Claiming to defend a new relationship between social security and social security, Lupi denied that there is a deficit in Social Security. According to the minister, this would only be possible with the allocation “of all the collection destined for Social Security in Social Security”. He, however, did not explain whether he would allocate the social security collection to cover the negative result of the INSS.

Lupi also defended the regionalization of retirement rules, based on life expectancy in each region of the country. He did not give a deadline for submitting the proposal, but said it could be by the end of the year.


The Minister of Social Security announced the intention to eliminate the queue for granting INSS benefits (retirements, pensions and aid). He stated that he intends to work “in the next few hours” to draw up a proposal for granting bonuses to the agency’s employees who are more productive in analyzing processes.

Another suggestion to reduce the waiting time to receive pensions, explained Lupi, would be to carry out a joint effort with governors and mayors.

During the ceremony, the new minister announced that the leader of the PDT in the Chamber of Deputies, Wolney Queiroz (PE), will be the executive secretary of the portfolio.

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