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New Party is the only one to renounce Electoral Fund resources

The deadline for political parties to communicate to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) the waiver of Electoral Fund resources ended yesterday (1st), and the New Party was the only acronym that rejected public money reserved to finance the 2022 Elections campaign. .New Party is the only one to renounce Electoral Fund resources

The legend informed on the last day of the deadline that it would waive R$ 87.7 million. Among its banners, Novo has minimal dependence on public resources, and has already renounced the Electoral Fund on other occasions. The amount must now be redirected to other associations.

The TSE has until June 16 to disclose the exact amount each party will be entitled to, according to legal criteria. This year, the amount approved in Congress for the Special Fund for Campaign Financing, the official name of the Electoral Fund, is R$4.9 billion..

The resources must be divided equally by 2% for each party able to contest the elections and who have not renounced the money. Then the rest must be distributed according to the following criteria:

– 35% are allocated to associations that elected at least one federal deputy, in proportion to the votes obtained in the last general election;

– 48% are distributed proportionally to the representation of each party in the Chamber of Deputies;

– the remaining 15% is divided between the parties based on the proportion of representation in the Federal Senate.

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