New oxygen generating plant at Calle'i General Hospital

New oxygen generating plant at Calle’i General Hospital

The Minister of Public Health, Julio Borba, explained that it is a new plant that works in duplex and has the capacity to cover the growth of the entire hospital, which currently has almost 200 beds.

He explained that the aforementioned infrastructure ensures the provision of life support that medical oxygen represents for patients who need it, and will also avoid shortages in the health establishment facilities.

“For us it is a guarantee and a peace of mind considering that we are no longer going to need the external supply of oxygen, since we are going to have our own production, which would lead to a quite significant decrease in expenses that were had for the purchase of oxygen,” said the head of Public Health

Along the same lines, Julio Borba stressed that it is a work that represents a very important benefit in terms of savings for the State.

“This plant practically pays for itself, that is, in less than a year everything will be paid for. It also has an oxygen refill which is always a problem for outpatients who need it,” he explained.

Plant number 39

The installation and start-up of plant number 39 in the country represents an important advance in the support and assistance to the health of the population, since the own production of medicinal oxygen allows a timely response to patients.

At the beginning of this government there were three oxygen plants in the entire health system, the authorization of a total of 45 oxygen generating plants is planned.

It was possible through the total investment of Gs: 16,202,000,000. This plant stores medicinal oxygen with a minimum purity of 93%, and a maximum of 96%, with automatic control.


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