New Mivivienda Credit: How much is the value of the Green Bond?

New Mivivienda Credit: How much is the value of the Green Bond?

The (MVCS), through the grants the Mivivienda Verde Bonus so that the population can acquire an eco-sustainable property.

This economic aid is for those who buy a property with an eco-sustainability certificate, which benefits in saving services such as water and electricity.

It is worth mentioning that at the national level there are more than 200 projects that citizens can access. But, how can I apply and in which financial entities can I apply? Here we tell you.

Which are the requirements?

To access this benefit you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of age.
  • Be qualified as a subject of credit by a financial entity through which you will be provided with the facilities to acquire your new home.
  • Not be the owner of another house nationwide.
  • Not having received other housing support from the State.

In which financial entities can I apply for the New Mivivienda Credit?

  • Edpyme miCasita
  • Financial bank
  • interbank
  • Effective Financial
  • Credit Bank of Peru (BCP)
  • BanBif
  • BBVA Continental
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Financial TFC

How to apply for the Green Bond?

  • Select your home in a certified project.
  • Go to a financial institution to assess your ability to pay.
  • Do not forget that you must apply with the New Mivivienda Credit or Own Roof Program so that you can benefit from more discounts thanks to the Good Payer Bonus or Housing Family Bonus.

How much is the value of the Green Bond?

The value of this benefit is S/ 5,400 and is applicable to the property acquired by the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation through the New MiVivienda Credit.

In this way, it allows the citizen to pay a higher initial fee for the purchase of the property, since it is added to the Good Payer Bonus.

In this sense, you can acquire financial aid that ranges between S/ 16,200 and S/ 31,100. Below is the table of bonuses.


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