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January 19, 2023
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New iOS 16.3 launches next week

[email protected] | January 18, 2023

Next week the new version of the operating system of ManzanaiOS 16.3and with it comes many new features and improvements in terms of functionality, security and performance of the device.

One of the main novelties in this version is support for the new AirPods Max, Apple’s high-end headphones. With iOS 16.3, users will be able to enjoy better sound quality and advanced features like active noise cancellation. Support for the new Apple TV remote is also included, allowing for better navigation and control of the device.

Another important innovation is the improvement in the privacy and security of the device. With iOS 16.3, users will be able to better control which apps have access to their personal information and have more options to protect their privacy. In addition, malware detection and application security have been improved, which will help prevent attacks and protect user data.

In addition, iOS 16.3 also includes device performance improvements. Battery usage has been optimized to extend battery life and charging speed has been increased to make your device charge faster. System stability has also been improved, which will help reduce crash and reboot issues.

App-wise, new features have been added to apps like Maps, which allow users to share their real-time location with friends and family. The user experience in the Messages application has also been improved, with new customization options and improvements in the speed of sending and receiving messages.

Another important novelty is the support for the new AV1 video format, which allows users to watch higher quality videos with less data consumption. Compatibility with third-party apps has also been improved, allowing users to use apps from other platforms on their device. iOS.

In summary, iOS 16.3 brings a large number of new features and improvements that will improve the user experience on your iOS device that will be available starting next February 23, 2023.

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