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New femicide in Concepción: man stabbed to death his partner

Shortly after noon on Monday, a case of homicide was reported in a house located in the Santo Domingo de Guzmán de Concepción neighborhood.

The data handled so far indicate that the victim is a woman identified as Lilian Elizabeth Gaona, 38 years old.

The alleged perpetrator would be her partner, named Eliseo Burgos Franhauser, 40 years old, who would have killed her with three stab wounds.

It is believed that the couple would have had an argument and, at one point, the man decided to react against the woman by attacking her with a knife that was within reach, thus causing her death.

The victim’s body was transferred to the morgue of the Regional Hospital of Concepción for examination by the forensic doctor.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police have already intervened in the case to start with the first proceedings.

The entrance New femicide in Concepción: man stabbed to death his partner was first published in diary TODAY.

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