New diesel engines for electricity generation are installed in Cienfuegos

A dozen diesel engines with the capacity to generate 2.1 megawatts (MW) each are being installed in the generator plant of the Camilo Cienfuegos refinery, according to official media on the island. It is part of the Government’s plan to mitigate the serious crisis energy suffered by the island.

The most modern plant in the country, located in the central province of Hundred fires, was designed to house 40 engines of this type. Together they can contribute 80 MW to the National Electric System (SEN)but 32 of them were out of service due to capital maintenance, according to the note posted by official website cubadebate.

The engines arrived manufactured in the country, without detailing where, and another 14 will be transferred to the island during the first ten days of this month to be taken to other provinces of the country, assured Mario Pedroso Caballero, general director of the Geysel company. .

According to the most recent report issued by the Electrical Union (Une)in distributed generation through diesel engines, 871 MW remain unavailable due to breakdowns, while equipment capable of contributing 677 MW is under maintenance.

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During most of the year the deficit in the electricity generation It has been one of the most serious problems that the Government has had to face, in the midst of a deep economic crisis suffered by the population, aggravated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sanctions imposed by the United States and the ineffectiveness of the measures to overcome the complex situation that the country is going through.

The executive headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel predicted improvements in generation capacity by the end of the year thanks to a maintenance plan for the old and overused thermoelectric plants, which suffer constant stoppages due to breakages.

During the first days of December, the UNE has reported a decrease in the deficit in the system’s capacity to complete the electric power service in the country. Today it forecasts the existence of capacity to complete the service for daytime hours, although in the hours of greatest demand a deficit of 367 MW is expected, and affectations of around 437 MW.

La Une confirmed that units 5, 6 and 7 of the Thermal Power Plant (CTE) of Mariel, the CTE Talla Piedra, unit 3 of the CTE Santa Cruz, unit 4 of the CTE Nuevitas and unit 2 of the CTE Felton.

In turn, the operations of units 3 and 6 of the CTE Renté are stopped for maintenance, and there are limitations so that the thermal power plants can generate another 449 MW.

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