Juramentan nueva directiva del Codia; luchará ley compras

New Codia board is sworn in; will fight law purchases

By Olga Verges

the civil engineer Christian Rojas Mora He was sworn in yesterday as president of the Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (Codia) during an act in which he announced the changes and follow-ups that he will carry out during his administration for the period 2022-2023.

Among the axes of his management, Rojas pointed out, is the modification of the Purchasing and Contracting Law to ensure the transparency and flexibility of the specifications so that engineers, architects and small businesses can access the state market.

On the other hand, Rojas indicated that the professional rates will be applied without delay to all the works, particularly those that are built under the modality of the home trust law low cost.

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He specified that they will act in accordance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which orders the Ministry of Public Works to deliver the list of works with the names of builders and developers of the low-cost housing trusts and that Codia be the one to determine the value and the payment of the professional rate since it is addressed to the designer or executor of the work, he pointed out.

Rojas stated that he will demand from the company Noval Construction compensate for the damage caused on July 10 to an area of ​​the physical plant of the headquarters.

Rojas is accompanied in the new directive by the surveyor John Anthony Villar, who will be secretary general; the engineer Charles Mendoza, treasurer; the architect Nidia Abreu, Recording Secretary; engineer yrene lopez, Education and Events Secretary; engineer Henry Rosario, Secretary Public Relations; and the engineer Yobanis LorenzoSecretary of Interunion Affairs.

Rojas was elected with 97.46% by the National Regional Board of Directors and Delegations and 97.99% by the National Council of Nuclei of Codia.

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