new car sales

new car sales

According to the Uruguayan Automotive Market Association, the increase in registrations exceeded 26% in relation to the same month of 2022

In the month of June, the automotive industry in Uruguay experienced significant growth in new vehicle sales, with a total of 5,178 units sold throughout the country.

These figures, provided by the Uruguayan Automotive Trade Association (ACAU), show an increase of 26.7% compared to June 2022 and an increase of 10.9% in relation to the month of May 2023. These data they reflect a growing interest on the part of Uruguayans in acquiring new automobiles.

Regarding the best-selling brands in June, according to ACAU, Chevrolet tops the list, with a total of 945 units sold. This brand has maintained its dominant position in the market since 2022. In second place is Suzuki, with 720 units sold, closely followed by Fiat, with 502 units. These brands have managed to consolidate themselves in the Uruguayan automotive market thanks to their solid presence and the ability to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Regarding the vehicle segments, the automobile segment was the most prominent during the month of June, with a total of 2,023 units sold. They are followed by utilities, with 1,823 units, and SUVs, with 1,065 units. These results indicate consumer preferences and reflect the demand for different types of vehicles in the Uruguayan market.

With these figures, the first half of the year ends with a total of 27,264 units of new vehicles sold, according to data provided by ACAU. This positive sales performance is encouraging for the automotive industry in Uruguay, evidencing the continued vitality of the automotive market. (Source: ACAU)

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