New accusation from Peru to Petro: “Disrespects international standards”

The Government of Peru assured that Colombian President Gustavo Petromiss the truth“and committed a”disrespect for international standards“, after returning to defend the former president Pedro Castillo In a speech he delivered before the Organization of American States (OAS).

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In a message posted on Twitter by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi noted that Petro’s claims “They denote a false leadership in favor of a coup plotter and accused of corruption“.

The Colombian president, who in February was declared “persona non grata” by the Peruvian Congress, again advocated, this Wednesday, April 20, for Castillo before the OAS Permanent Council, based in Washington, and criticized that the ex-governor is imprisoned “without their political rights“.

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But don’t we look at Peru, then? Is there not a president imprisoned there without a judicial sentence, without his political rights, that is, contrary to the Democratic Charter?“, he questioned.

The Democratic Charter says that only a judicial sentence takes away political rights, so why are they taking away the political rights of the people without a sentence?he continued.

Petro also proposed redoing the founding charter of the OAS and assured that he is interested in and is “fighting” for reintegrate Venezuela into the organization.

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Following these statements, the Peruvian foreign minister rejected the “new and unacceptable interference” in Peruvian internal affairs and considered that the Colombian ruler also committed a “violation of the charter” of the OAS.

peter and castle

Petro and Castillo, during a meeting in Lima.


Petro, like his Mexican counterpart, Andres Lopez Obrador, does not recognize the administration of Dina Boluarte, who assumed the Peruvian presidency on December 7 by constitutional succession, after the dismissal of Castillo for attempting a coup.

On repeated occasions, the Boluarte government has expressed its rejection of the “acts of interference“of Petro in internal affairs, since the Colombian president also criticized the eviction of hundreds of protesters in January at a university in Lima and accused the Peruvian police officers of “march like nazis” in the context of the anti-government protests that hit the country between December and March.

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Castillo (2021-2022) currently meets preventive prison for two cases, one related to his alleged leadership of a corrupt organization during his tenure and unsuccessfully tried to dissolve Parliament and implant a government of exception.


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