Netflix seeks candidates for a reality television version of "the squid game"

The Netflix platform is looking for candidates for a reality television version of the globally successful South Korean series “The Squid Game”although without fatalities.

“Following the biggest casting call in reality television history, 456 real competitors will participate in the game, in pursuit of a prize of 4.56 million dollars that can change their lives,” the platform assured on a website specially created to recruit the candidates of “The Squid Game: The Challenge “.

The organizers indicated that they are looking for “Anglophone participants from anywhere in the world.”

Among the required conditions, you must be at least 21 years old, “be willing to participate in the program for a maximum of 4 weeks, currently scheduled for early 2023” and “be willing to travel wherever necessary.”

“True gamers will be immersed in the iconic universe of the ‘Squid Game,’ without knowing what awaits them”, indicates the recruitment brochure, which promises “a series of tests that will take your breath away”.

The announcement was made by Netflix on Tuesday night in social networks.

The series “The Squid Game” caused a sensation last year but also caused controversy due to the prevailing violence and the climate of paranoia that was installed among the protagonists of the false competition.

Hundreds of people belonging to the humblest fringes of South Korean society They are invited to participate in a mysterious game whose rules change as they pass the tests, except the most important: save yourself.

The losers are mercilessly eliminated by machines or masked vigilantes. The jackpot of the game increases as the players fall, until totaling an astronomical sum.

Netflix assures however that in its real version of the game “The worst thing that can happen is to go home empty-handed.”

“Win or lose, all players will come out unscathed But if you win, you’ll win a lot!” adds the platform call.

“The Squid Game” in its fictional version is about to film its second season, announced in April its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, who specified that it will not be ready before 2024.

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