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Neney’s days

Last Thursday, the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (Propeep) directed by the former legislator, Neney Cabrera, celebrated the completion of 50 social operations carried out throughout the country.

The institution, in the vision of its leaders, has obeyed the principle of continuity of the State, maintaining some of the programs found in this dependency.

Making an apology for this, I refer to the Dominican Digna program created within the National Plan for the Reduction of Extreme Poverty and Social Inclusion in compliance with the National Development Strategy (END).

In this sense, since its inception, the Program has designed frequent community operations or social days that have had a good impact on people.

These Social Days, called Primero Tú, carry out superior work in a generous and human sense.

At this time, its director has strengthened, expanded and highlighted the activities involving more than 15 public and private entities.

To cite the meaning of one of them as a social paradigm to the drama experienced by a Dominican born of Dominican parents, although not citizens and therefore lacks civil documentation.

The first indicator of a picture of extreme poverty for that person and their descendants. Well, since that (a) individual does not legally exist, he does not participate in his rights or benefits that allow him to prosper.

We would be surprised by the number of Dominicans who attend each Propeep social day requesting support for this type of case so that through the Central Electoral Board they can achieve their late identity, at no cost during the process; long and tortuous, by others.

They also happen with other types of inclusions that claim the dignity of pardons, including health plans, employment, technical studies, economic support, such as pensions and family support, among other benefits.

Obtained more easily through a social day visit a locality.

That is why the institution applauds its 50 full-day events.

50 concentrated efforts that have benefited in some way almost 132 thousand people this year.

50 destinations in the 32 provinces and the National District, bringing together around 200 social collaborators from different institutions who work for the same goal, to improve people’s lives in some way.

Institutions such as Senasa, National Health Service, Supérate, Central Electoral Board, Inespre, Economic Kitchens, Ministry of Labor, Inaipi, Armed Forces Vocational Schools, Community Police, Promipyme, Public Health, Conadis, Conape; among other entities that in honor of social service attend to tell Dominicans, First You.

It is not a gift, it is a social right that every citizen deserves.

Therefore, continuing to work at the service of Dominicans is a merit that should not be overlooked. That more institutions continue to be added, and more Neney conferences.

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