"Nenecho" blames the police for robberies in the Plaza Uruguaya

“Nenecho” blames the police for robberies in the Plaza Uruguaya

The Uruguayan square was news during the long holiday after the wave of insecurity that is experienced in the place. Due to the lack of light, the Servilibro bookstore was robbed for the fifth time in just one year.

Óscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, mayor of Asunción, was interviewed about the point on 730 AM. He expressed that not only the Plaza Uruguaya has this inconvenience, but also the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza de la Democracia.

He blamed the National Police for not acting accordingly.

“The problem has been going on for a long time. As much as they are fenced. The same thing happens in Plaza de la Libertad. Continuous and constant thefts, starting with the lighting cables. To cite as an example, one Thursday we put lights in the Plaza de la Libertad, that same night the cables were stolen and on Friday it was dark again, ”he said.

He explained that the private guards who are at the service of the commune are not armed. And that even they too are assaulted. Young people in a worrying state, drugged, resort to the area. The famous chespis that squeeze our guards,” he said.

He questioned the work of the National Police. Since he requested police accompaniment on more than one occasion but was unsuccessful.

“At the time I have already talked to everyone. I already spoke with the commissioner of the third because they guard the security of the downtown. They tell me that they are going to reinforce but that they also lack personnel, ”he concluded.

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