Neighborhood Force asks the National Primary Commission to clarify details before #22Oct

Leaders of Fuerza Vecinal sent a letter to the Primaries Commission to express their concern about some things and that they be clarified. Among them, they urge to know which is the Electoral Registry to use, how is the vote abroad and the way in which transparency is going to be guaranteed around the economic resources to finance the self-managed elections of October 22

The Neighborhood Force Party sent an open letter this Friday, June 30, to the National Primary Commission (CP) in which he expressed some concerns regarding the process on October 22, after it was decided that the primaries would be manual and self-managed.

The political organization asked that participation, inclusion and access to the primaries be guaranteed for all Venezuelans; For this reason, they are concerned about the process due to the possibility that all Venezuelans can go to vote at it and due to the unknown number of polling stations, their location and the training of their members.

He asks to know which is the Electoral Registry that is going to be used for the primary elections, just as he expresses his concern regarding the participation of Venezuelans abroad because they wonder if they will only participate in the elections on October 22 without being guaranteed his suffrage by 2024.

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In addition, Fuerza Vecinal requests that there be transparency regarding the funds that are going to be used to carry out the primaries, that is, that they be auditable and that the control and supervision methods of the candidates’ resources be made known. .

Finally, he wants to know how everything related to counting and counting the votes will be, as well as the safeguarding of the ballots and other material of the process.

The four-page letter, addressed to the president of the CP, Jesús María Casal, takes the opportunity to assess the work of the Commission to carry out the primary and that they maintain their support for those elections in October and, despite not having no candidate, they do have a discussion about “the democratic theory of political change.”

Fuerza Vecinal hopes that there will be a candidate who is a “guarantor of peace, understanding and coexistence”, who helps unify the opposition and is oblivious to polarization as a political strategy.

In this sense, the blue awning recognized that it was important for her that the CNE support the primaries in a technical way because it gave the entire country the right to participate.

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