Petrobras announces a 5% reduction in the price of natural gas

Natural gas sales prices are reduced from today

The updated prices for the sale of natural gas, transported and distributed through pipelines, will have – as of today (1st) – an average reduction of 5% in reais per cubic meter, in relation to the quarter between August and October, as determined by the agreed contracts by Petrobras with the distributors.Natural gas sales prices are reduced from today

According to the company, they “provide quarterly updates and link the gas price variation to Brent oil and exchange rate fluctuations”.

During the quarter, according to the company, oil fell by 11.5%, in addition to a 6.5% depreciation in the exchange rate, which means that “the amount in reais to convert to a dollar increased by 6.5 %”.

Petrobras highlighted that the final price of natural gas to the consumer is not defined only by the company’s sales price, the margins of distributors and, in the case of natural gas for vehicles (CNG), of resale stations are included in the accounts, as well as the federal and state taxes.


The company also pointed out that consumer tariffs are approved by state regulatory agencies, in accordance with specific legislation and regulation. “It is important to inform that the update announced for 11/1/22 does not refer to the price of LPG (cooking gas), bottled or sold in bulk”, observed Petrobras.

As established in the agreed contracts, the updated prices will be valid until January 31, 2023. “The quarterly and annual update of the price of natural gas and annual for the transport of the product allows to mitigate momentary volatilities and alleviate, in the final price, the impact of sudden fluctuations and punctual in the foreign market, thus ensuring predictability and transparency for customers”, the company informed, adding that the contracts are public and published on the website of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

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