Natural disasters: 11 more cities enter an emergency situation

Another 11 cities affected by natural disasters had the emergency situation recognized by the National Civil Defense. The ordinance with the measure is published in the Official Diary of the Union (DOU) this Thursday (21).Natural disasters: 11 more cities enter an emergency situationNatural disasters: 11 more cities enter an emergency situation

Of this total, seven municipalities were affected by heavy rains: Paulo Jacinto, in Alagoas; Ribeira do Pombal, in Bahia; Ielmo Marinho, in Rio Grande do Norte; Xexéu and Itaíba, in Pernambuco; and Santa Rosa de Lima and Santa Rosa do Sul, in Santa Catarina.

In Amazonas, the city of Anori suffered from floods, while Muquém do São Francisco, in Bahia, and Monsenhor Tabosa, in Ceará, are experiencing a period of drought. Finally, Paulistana Seca, in Piauí, faces a long drought.

The emergency situation or state of public calamity recognized by the National Civil Defense makes it possible for municipalities to request resources from the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR) to assist the affected population. According to the ministry, actions should be aimed at restoring essential services and rebuilding damaged infrastructure equipment.

“‌The request must be made through the Integrated Disaster Information System (S2iD). Based on the information sent, the National Civil Defense technical team evaluates the goals and requested values. Upon approval, the ordinance is published in the DOU with the specification of the amount to be released”, informs the MDR.

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