‘Natural Condition’: First exhibition of Cuban art opens in Barcelona

MIAMI, United States. – The Esther Montoriol gallery, based in Barcelona, welcome since last thursday the collective exhibition of Cuban art “Condición Natural”, which will be on display until September 15. This is the first time that the gallery, with a history of more than two decades in the Barcelona contemporary art scene, organizes an exhibition of Cuban art.

The exhibition, curated by the Cubans Nayr López García and Claudia Placeres Gómez, brings together the works of 11 Cuban creators, who are settled both inside and outside the Island. However, the majority reside in different cities in Spain. The artists Adonis Ferro, Hansel Leyva, Laura Lis, José Manuel Mesías, Gabriela Reyna, Greta Reyna, Elio Rodríguez, Katiuska Saavedra, Richard Somonte, Maikel Sotomayor and Carlos Vilá are in charge of illustrating a diverse and fragmented Cuban identity.

'Natural Condition': First exhibition of Cuban art opens in Barcelona

“The objective is to expose the influence of natural, social and historical elements in the configuration of Cuban identity and subjectivity,” explain the curators López García and Placeres Gómez, according to the report of Rialta Magazine.

The exhibition will include works in various formats, from video and installations to sculpture, drawing, photography and painting. The themes addressed in the works range from the individuality of the body and its cartography, to the domestic context, daily reality, personal stories, the landscape, the trace of history, political ideology, travel, sounds and religious expressions. .

“Condición Natural” will be presented in parallel to the emerging art festival in Barcelona, ​​ArtNou, and will be part of its program of gallery tours.

In accordance with Rialta Magazine, the exhibition constitutes “a polyphony of Cuban creators who present aesthetics and personal experiences to rethink issues related to their own identity. An identity that is constantly changing, that transforms over time under new influences, but that retains a defining core based on the will to belong”.

The Esther Montoriol gallery is located at number 339 Diputació street, in the l’Eixample neighbourhood.

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