Natti Natasha seeks to be “wilder and more daring”

“Wilder” is how the singer Natti Natasha feels in the new musical project that she is now embarking on after becoming a mother and businesswoman, as she told a meeting with the media in the Mexican capital.

“I come more wild, it is a moment for me to rebel in a certain way, that within everything that is happening, take it to a more active, happier, more daring tone, although I do not know if I could get more daring than I that I already am”, answered the singer to a question from Efe.

The artist of “Sin pajamas” assured that at this stage of her life she has had to go “one more mile” in her work, by diversifying as an entrepreneur, singer, creator and now also a mother.

“It is a stage of my life in which I am personally taking care of things myself, that for me is a development, an evolution, a learning moment, to show myself what I can do in other areas around what it’s music,” says Natasha, who became an entrepreneur with the launch of her Tasha wine in 2021.

Natti became a mother a year ago and her pregnancy was experienced in front of the spotlight and with live performances that showed the glamor with which a pregnancy belly can be carried.

Her album “Nattividad” released that same year was marked by this new stage by having a stroller as its cover, and if she is sure of one thing, it is that motherhood changed her life: “Now I understand mothers,” she mentioned.

“Working was easy, but now with someone you love, with whom you want to be all the time, see her all the time, that nothing is missing, you want to do it personally (…) I see the mothers who have to leave the house and that they have to leave them in care and it is very difficult”, he mentions.


When Natti was younger, she used to sing the female part of the song “Mayor que yo” by Wisin & Yandel in her room and one of her dreams was to be able to sing the song professionally.

The way he did it was with a reversal of the beat and a restructuring of the lyrics and the result was “Mayor que tú”.

The single ended in collaboration and one of the biggest challenges of which she feels proud was being able to have presented it herself to Wisin & Yandel and Daddy Yankee.

“It is one of the most important projects of my life because the fact that Yankee has said yes to me, no to another person, that I have done the work of ‘ANR’, of saying tell me what you think about the subject? that role for me was a challenge and an achievement because they told me yes”, he confirms.

In addition, he anticipates that he has plans to continue playing with classic reggaeton songs for his new EP, of which he cannot reveal details, accompanied by a musical surprise with a Mexican artist. EFE

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