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National Statistics Office presents census ballot to be used in X National Census

Oficina Nacional de Estadística presenta boleta censal será utilizada en X Censo Nacional

Santo Domingo. – The National Statistics Office (ONE) formally announced the census ballot that will be used in the X National Censusl of Population and Housing (XCNPV), which will take place throughout the country from November 10 to 23 of this year 2022.

Following international recommendations, the ONE published the census ballot one month in advance of the XCNPV, so that the population in general can consult the information that must be provided at the time of registration.

The census ballot is the data collection instrument that will be used to capture a reality whose knowledge is essential for the Dominican State to be more efficient and more productive. It will be applied in the direct interview that will be carried out by the enumerators in each of the homes that they will visit, during the collection of information. This interview will last approximately 35 minutes.

The process of development and evolution of this instrument is the result of international consultations and validations and arises from the joint work of all the statistical offices of the world, as a result of their difficulties, positive experiences and historical findings.

The incorporation of technology is one of the main novelties of the XCNPV, where mobile electronic devices will be used to capture the data, which will save time and greater organization when tabulating the data.

The ballot has 6 sections and 67 questions that have to do with: Geographical location, characteristics of the dwelling, identification and characteristics of the household, the people who live in the dwelling and make up the household and its characteristics.

Within the digital questionnaire, topics such as general mortality, death due to COVID-19, presence of the father and mother in the home, international emigration, racial self-identification, identity number and drainage or type of drainage in the home were included.

Other topics that were also updated are: the source of water supply for domestic use for drinking, agricultural activity, disability, fertility and use of ICTs in the last three months.

In order to guarantee the correct application of the instrument and obtain an optimal definitive census operation, census tests were carried out in the municipalities of Nizao and Maimón, supervised by national and international observers, where the enumerator and supervisor personnel went to the assigned work area, to test and adjust the processes, methodologies and strategies that will be applied in the XCNPV.

The XCNPV is a legal census, which means that people will be registered in their usual place of residence, making a complete coverage of the population, with direct registration methodology, interviewing the head of the household, or failing that , to a person aged 15 or over who knows all the information of each member of the household and the dwelling.

The results of the XCNPV, which will be published during the first quarter of 2023, will be vital for the authorities to develop public policies for the benefit and according to the needs of the population.

The final questionnaire is already published on the ONE web portal for consultation.

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