National Party: record number of lists and candidates in youth elections

National Party: record number of lists and candidates in youth elections

Photo Caption: In the final stretch around October 29. Iturralde and Raffo yesterday in the meeting with the youngsters.

In Montevideo alone there are more than 5,000 candidates for the election of young people in the National Party, in all the neighborhoods of the capital, surpassing the number that was presented in the last edition. Raffo stressed that in this election there is parity between men and women.

The Party House was filled with hundreds of young militants who attended the presentation of the lists and candidates for the election on October 29.

The meeting organized by the Departmental Commission and the National Youth Commission, was attended by authorities and leaders.

The president of the Pablo Iturralde Party began the activity. In his message to the candidates and militants, he expressed great joy and appreciation for the commitment and work carried out by the Youth and the young militancy in this electoral process to elect the new authorities of the National Youth Commission of the Party.

Iturralde highlighted the importance of the contribution made by the new generations to strengthen and advance in the construction of a political force that represents, through its original values, a current reality in which men and women of all ages coexist, citing Wilson, He remembered one of his phrases, … let the new air come that shakes the old flags and brings new ideas…

This is your Party, he said, supported by our heroes with a stern look to the future, promoting ethics, believing in politics, giving meaning to the work of public service, these are aspects that mark the north to follow on the road . ..This has to continue to be the party of freedom, and in addition to being the oldest party in the world with 186 years of life with you, it will also be the party of the future, a young party.

Iturralde ended his speech predicting a higher vote than the previous one, emphasizing that the Party is open to receiving all those who want to work together to improve the country.

Subsequently, the current president of the National Youth Commission, Armando Casteingdebat, spoke.

In the final stretch towards October 29, he said, seeing the Party House full of young people and having already fulfilled two of the three objectives set for this new election is a joy, it gives us great pride and motivates us to continue and that it’s thanks to all of you. He added that the youth of the National Party is a youth that studies, that militates, that makes an effort and that governs well, recognizing the work that the comrades of the National Youth Institute are doing. On Saturday the 29th we are going to overflow the polls with the lists of young people and enjoy what is coming, said Casteingdebat at the end of his message».

The member of the table of the Departmental Youth Commission, Sabrina Scarabino, explained that based on the results of the next elections, the National Youth Congress will be formed, which will be made up of 300 representatives at the national level. In turn, at the level of the Departmental Commissions, they will have 150 young representatives who will later elect the members of the Departmental Commission, which will be made up of a president, two vice-presidents, two secretaries, with a total of 15 incumbents who have their three respective alternates. It is a table of 60 young people, who are leaders within the party, who are trained, who are leaders within their groups, which must be highlighted, she said.

The activity culminated with the intervention of the president of the Departmental Youth Commission Laura Raffo.

Raffo expressed pride at being able to announce, he said, that in these Youth elections our party has broken a new record in the registration of lists and in the number of candidates presented.

This means that young people, far from being oblivious to the reality of the capital, are seeking to influence, have greater participation and be able to be part of decision-making.

On October 29, all Montevideons from 14 to 29 years old will be able to participate simply with their ID in these youth elections.

They will be able to choose from 132 lists, totaling 5,166 candidates. These candidacies are distributed almost equally between men and women, which shows a very positive change in electoral trends among young people. Of the more than 5,000 candidates who applied, there are more than 1,000 who are under 18 years of age. The lists represent candidates from all the municipalities of Montevideo.

By October 29 we have 180 polling places distributed in all the neighborhoods of Montevideo.

Closing his message, Raffo called on all the young people of Montevideo to join and vote on October 29 to have their voice represented.

They paid tribute to the Network of Political Women

In the Legislative Palace, the Network of Political Women unveiled a commemorative plaque on the anniversary of its 30 years of work.

With the participation of Vice President Argimón, as one of the founders of the Network of Political Women, a tribute meeting is held in the Paulina Luisi room to unveil an allusive plaque in honor of the 30th anniversary of the political organization made up of women from all parties with parliamentary representation.

Subsequently, an act is held in the party room of the Legislative Palace with the participation of the director of the United Nations Organization, María Noel Vaeza, and recorded messages from former presidents Julio María Sanguinetti and Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera.

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