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National mutirão allows negotiating debts until November 30

Until next Wednesday (30), consumers can negotiate overdue debts with special conditions through the National Task Force for Debt Negotiation and Financial Guidance. The action is a joint initiative of the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), the Central Bank (BC), the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) and Procons across the country.National mutirão allows negotiating debts until November 30

According to Febraban, institutions participating in the task force offer, for example, installments, discounts on the debt amount and reduced interest rates for refinancing.

Credit card debts, overdraft, payroll loans and other types of credit that are in arrears and do not have assets pledged as collateral can be negotiated.

How to participate

Those interested in participating must access the mutirão page🇧🇷 There, you can access the RegistrationCentral Bank system that leads to the list of debts on behalf of the consumer.

Debts, according to Febraban, can be negotiated directly with the bank or through the PConsumerGovBr report🇧🇷 Interested parties must submit a negotiation proposal to the creditor institution. The bank has up to 10 days to review the request and provide a response.

Between 2020 and 2022, through initiatives such as this one, more than 22 million overdue contracts were renegotiated, exceeding BRL 1.1 trillion in negotiated balance. In the most recent edition of the mutirão, which lasted 25 days – from March 7 to 31 – 1.7 million contracts were renegotiated.

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