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National Hospital host update course in basic and advanced laparoscopic surgery

The Itauguá National Hospital will host this Sunday, the theoretical part, and tomorrow, Monday, the practical part, of the pre-congress courses, within the framework of the 20th Paraguayan Congress of Surgery to be held from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 in Asunción. The course is about basic and advanced Laparoscopic surgery, aimed at general surgeons, surgical residents and surgical instrumentalists.

The director of the flagship of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Yolanda González Barrios, pointed out that the hospital is always open to supporting the updating of colleagues, and that in fact they have been performing world-class surgeries there for a long time by laparoscopic video, such as bariatric, among others, through the specialization abroad of its professional staff. She noted that they have three operating rooms available from where the instructors will work with selected patients, so that the procedures can be transmitted live to those who participate in the course.

“All the teams prepared, the instrumentalists, nursing, also as we are a training center supporting one hundred percent so that the same students also participate in the pre-congress, through these special courses. We want surgeons to specialize more and more, especially young doctors, because learning everything in three years is not enough, and furthermore, training is continuous in medicine, especially in surgery, which I think is what is most advanced, in terms of techniques and technology. ”, he highlighted.

He stressed that video surgeries are nowadays imposed because they are less invasive, therefore, the patient has less risk of complications and the hospital stay is shorter, unlike open surgery. The activity takes place within the framework of the 20th Paraguayan Congress of Surgery, to be held on Wednesday, September 21-23, at the Paseo La Galería de Asunción event center, after four years, due to the covid-19 pandemic .


The central theme this year is “The present and future of surgery”, the Paraguayan Society of Surgery. The presence of 40 outstanding foreign professionals is expected to bring their colleagues closer to all the world’s novelties in the various techniques, among which image-guided surgeries and robotic surgery stand out.

The president of the 20th Paraguayan Congress of Surgery, Dr. Miguel Ferreira Bogado, reported that for months they have been preparing this scientific activity with great enthusiasm, taking into account that the last one was in 2018, and since it is carried out every two years in 2020 it does not be done because of the new coronavirus. It was declared of scientific interest by the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asunción and of ministerial and national interest by the Ministry of Health.

He pointed out that the activities will take place from Wednesday, September 21 to Friday, September 23, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. They will take place in five rooms simultaneously and each one will have its specific theme each day, such as: thoracic surgery, in another they will focus on everything that has to do with general surgery. Likewise, they will deal with hepatobiliopancreatic surgery, wall surgery that includes hernias and eventrations, bariatric surgery, vascular surgery, oncological surgery and trauma surgery, of the head and neck, among others.

He commented that the chapters of related societies will hold their congresses at the same time, including the 6th Paraguayan Congress of Thoracic Surgery, the 5th Paraguayan Congress of Vascular Surgery and Angiology, and the 3rd Paraguayan Congress of Trauma Surgery. In addition, the 1st Congress of Surgical Instrumentalists, the 9th Conference of the Paraguayan Society of Endoscopic Surgery, the 6th Conference of the Paraguayan Section of the International College of Surgeons, the 3rd National Medical-Surgical Conference, the 1st Symposium of the Paraguayan Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, the 1st Conference on Surgical Nursing.

The congress will be attended by approximately 40 foreign guests from each specialty, about five for each. The outstanding surgeons come from Spain, the United States, Mexico, and almost all of South America, such as: Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. There will also be intra-congress courses on HPB surgery, oncology, thyroid, trauma, thoracic and abdominal wall surgery.

“The objective is to provide an update to fellow surgeons in the different subspecialties, for this we bring you in this twentieth congress all the innovations that are being made in the world. Some to improve what they are already doing and others are new procedures so that they can learn, update and apply to their patients”, he highlighted.

He added that the highlights and newest are image-guided surgery and robotic surgery. He pointed out that robotic surgery will soon gain ground in the country, whose brake until now is the important investment in equipment that is required. Those interested can continue to register for the congresses, among them the members of the Paraguayan Society of Surgery, non-affiliated professionals and students, who for more information can call 0974 557797 or visit the website: www.sopaci.org.py .

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