National horse riding: Céspedes and MLM prevail in jumping

National horse riding: Céspedes and MLM prevail in jumping

March 30, 2023, 7:16 PM

March 30, 2023, 7:16 PM

The crossover binomial of Mathias Céspedes and MLM Santa Ana Cornelius triumphed this Thursday on the second jump date of the First category of the National Horse Riding Championship that takes place in the arena of the Club Hípico Santa Cruz.

After the rest day (Wednesday) that this category had, this Thursday he returned to the ring with five participating pairs.

On the first date, disputed on Tuesday, the winners were Rodrigo Bedoya and Lancaster LV, who started as favorites to jump the height of 1.40 meters in the different obstacles that were set up on the track.

However, this Thursday Céspedes and MLM Santa Ana Cornelius had a better performance and they stayed with the first place, escorted by Bedoya with Lancaster LV (second) and Fernando Galindo with LV Chicago (third).

This result made the main category of Nacional red hot, which will have its final day on Saturday.

Same situation happens in the Second category (jump of 1.30 m). This Thursday Eduardo Bedoya and Turandot prevailed to leave Mauricio Zalles and Cyrana in second place. The podium was completed by Nicolás Bedoya and BM Fe Fe, all representatives of Santa Cruz. On Saturday the champion of this category will also be defined.

In pre-juvenile, the Cochabamba binomial Vieri Lenaz and Estirpe Quentin broke the hegemony that Santa Cruz wore when winning in all categories.

In the remaining groups, participants from Santa Cruz won: Aldana Peredo with Nikte (Future Champions), Andrés Meyer with Fils de Diamant (Third), Mathias Céspedes with Solaguayre Casimiro (Open 1.20 m), Marcelo Quiroga with Cooper Free (Young Horses 2), María René Vélez with NiCte (School Seniors) and Luciana Angulo with Milky Way (School Juniors). This Friday the competition will continue.

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