National Holidays: President Gabriel Boric inaugurates inns in Parque O’Higgins with a traditional cueca foot together with the mayor of Santiago

During this night, the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, inaugurated the inns of Parque O’Higgins as part of the start of the National Holidays celebrations.

At the ceremony, the President pointed out in a speech how important this holiday is for our country, as well as the union that it symbolizes in thousands of families. Likewise, he stressed that despite the difficult times that Chile is experiencing, the country meets again on this date to “remember the time when Chile achieved the freedom that self-government gives, we are masters of our own destiny.”

Video via Twitter: @Presidencia_cl

In addition, as is customary, the Head of State, who was accompanied by the President of the Senate, Alvaro Elizalde; The First Lady, Irina Karamanos; and the mayor of Santiago, Iraqi Hassler, shared the traditional artisanal chicha. Finally, President Boric danced the cueca foot with Mayor Hassler to start the National Holidays.

Video via Twitter: @Presidencia_cl

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