National experts reconstruct situations surrounding the disappearance of Guadalupe

National experts reconstruct situations surrounding the disappearance of Guadalupe

Photo: Nicolas Varvara

Experts from the National Gendarmerie carried out the first day of reconstruction of the events that occurred a year ago and that surrounded the disappearance of Guadalupe Belén Lucero, while the father of the minor expressed that he maintains the “hope” of finding some clue of his daughter.

Total, 200 officers from different divisions of the provincial police were made available at the request of the federal prosecutor, Cristian Rachid, to develop joint tasks with 15 gendarmes in the 500 Vivienda neighborhood, in the southern area of ​​the San Luis capital, where the minor disappeared.

Eric Lucero, father of Guadalupe, told the media that hopes to get the first clue about the whereabouts of his daughter and that these reconstructions should have been done from the first moment.

“The truth is that it took a long time for this reconstruction to be carried out, one has to have faith that with this something can arise, and that we can have, even if it is, the first clue to clarify everything that happened to my daughter that day,” said Lucero.

In addition, he clarified that since the last time he had a gendarmerie in San Luis, in April, no new leads emerged.

“There is nothing new, nor certain, we continue with the same uncertainty of that terrible day that we had to live with her disappearance, the only thing that keeps me alive is the hope of seeing my daughter again,” said the father.

reconstruction of the scene

The operation, which began on Tuesday, seeks survey situations in real time in the so-called “0” zone where experts aim to recreate the exact moment when the girl who was 5 years old then disappeared.

The tasks that will extend until Thursday they are in charge of the Criminalistics area of ​​the National Gendarmerie and members of the Federal Search System for Missing and Missing Persons (Sifebu).

Sources linked to the investigation indicated that One of the axes is to reconstruct the scene from when the aunt took the last photograph of Guadalupe inside the house while a family birthday was being celebrated until her grandmother reported the disappearance of the girl at the door of the house while she was playing with her cousins ​​and cousins.

Also, seek to review the route of a young woman with a disability who would have been with the girl between 6:10 p.m. and 6:55 p.m., who, accompanied by the speech therapist Paula Romero and the psychologist Melina Merelo, will travel from the exit to the return home, in block E of the 544 Viviendas neighborhood.

Photo Nicholas Varvara
Photo: Nicolas Varvara

According to the testimony of this witness “some people aboard four motorcycles had taken Guadalupe when he was playing tag in the open field”, To which is added an image captured by a camera located in a kiosk on block H that took two motorcycles at 6:52 p.m. that were circulating along Tomás Cuello street in the direction of Granadero Manuel Rosales boulevard, the sources indicated.

Another situation that experts seek to interpret is the distance and traceability of the cries heard by three neighbors where the birthday was celebrated, with the aim of knowing “with greater precision the times in which they were perceived”, it was indicated.

Secondly, the experts will study the journey made by a child who was riding a bicycle on block K, who in Camera Gesell would have said that he observed a young woman dressed in black who was walking looking down and turning between the four corners of the blocks surrounding the disappearance.

The boy said that the last time he saw Guadalupe was behind a truck parked on the corner of Tomás Cuello Street, which must be compared with the routes made by the young woman with a disability to establish compatibility with her story, added the sources of the investigation.

Guadalupe Beln Lucero was last seen on June 14, 2021 in the 544 Viviendas neighborhood of the provincial capital.
Guadalupe Belén Lucero was last seen on June 14, 2021 in the 544 Viviendas neighborhood of the provincial capital.

With the aim of reducing the time slot in which the disappearance occurred and establishing the distances that the girl could have traveled by her own means The journey made by Yamila Cialone, Guadalupe’s mother, when she went to tell her ex-partner, Eric Lucero, about the disappearance, will be recreated. and the same will be done with the activity that grandmother Silvia Domínguez carried out after calling the Police.

The new measures were ordered on June 14, one year after the disappearance of Guadalupe by the head of the San Luis Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Cristian Rachid; the federal prosecutor Leonel Gómez Barbella; and the heads of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Prosecutor’s Office (Protex), Alejandra Mángano and Marcelo Colombo, who are investigating the case.

The new measures aim to “contribute to the clarification of the fact” and elucidate those points that arise during its development, it was indicated.

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