National executive qualifies as "baseness" involve President Arce in alleged meetings to persecute 'evista' deputies

National executive qualifies as "baseness" involve President Arce in alleged meetings to persecute ‘evista’ deputies

December 6, 2022, 23:12 PM

December 6, 2022, 23:12 PM

reckless accusations which not only lack the truth, but also they lack all sustenance and all ethics”, were the words of the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, to describe the statements of the Masista deputy Anyelo Céspedes, which involve President Luis Arce and his family, a fact that was also questioned by Prada. In his opinion, these are opposition plans to “fracture” them.

“I think it is really too low involve the president to respond to this audio and involve your family; therefore, we -as the national government and militants of the political instrument- categorically reject this forced (forced) intention, seeking to point to our president, ”he said at a press conference.

Prada refers to an audio broadcast by a television channel, in which the Deputy Céspedes talking with Angélica Sosa and Jhonny Bowles to ‘put together’ a case that affects Jhonny Fernández.

This Tuesday, Céspedes, in a press conference, maintained that it is a audio edited to harm it. He also pointed out that there was supposedly a meeting between Arce, the State Attorney General and the journalist from the channel who released the audio for identify evistas deputies, file complaints and initiate legal proceedings. This was “categorically rejected” by Prada, who further noted that internal party issues should be seen that way, internally.

“The President of our Plurinational State of Bolivia, LMucho Arce, has never held the meeting to which he (Céspedes) refers, “said the minister.

According to Prada, the statements of the deputy They only seek to mislead the complaints against them, that were exposed in the mentioned audio.

“We regret that the attention referred to the complaint and the audio is intended to be diverted by taking it to an issue of involving the president, lying, and his family, which, of course, we will never share,” he said later.

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