National Congress approves incorporation of Chile to the Escazú Agreement: now it must be promulgated by President Gabriel Boric

The National Congress approved the adhesion of Chile to the Escazú Agreement, the most important treaty that exists on environmental issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, and which was entered by the President Gabriel Boric in March.

After being approved in the Foreign Relations and Environment committees of the Senate, today the Upper House called a session at 4:00 p.m. to debate the presidential mandate. Finally, the incorporation was approved by 31 votes in favor, three against and 11 abstentions.

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Now, the accession must be promulgated by the President of the Republic and then the ratification must be communicated to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Then, in 90 days, our country becomes official as a state party to the agreement, becoming the 25th nation to sign the treaty and the 13th to ratify it.


In the room, were the ministers of Environment, Maisa Rojas and Foreign Relations, Antonia Urrejolawho celebrated the result.

“This is a moment to celebrate (…) that we return to multilateralism because very particularly, due to the crises we are facing, solutions have to be taken jointly. No one can solve the climate crisis or the biodiversity crisis, alone. Here, either we resolve crises together or we simply do not leave our sons and daughters a planet that is habitable,” said Minister Rojas.

“With this treaty, environmental democracy is strengthened and with that strengthening, it gives us tools to make it content, to crystallize the commitment of President Gabriel Boric that this be the first environmentalist government in the country,” he added in Third the head of Environment.

Meanwhile, the President also celebrated the event through social networks. “Today the Escazu Agreement completed its processing in Congress. I congratulate each and everyone who has fought on different fronts for the defense of our environment and the incorporation of Chile into the agreement. We continue to advance in environmental democracy! “, He maintained on Twitter.

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