Instalan Comisión Nacional para la Protección Integral de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes

National Commission for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents is established

Authorities from the Ministry of Popular Power for Health (MPPS) participated in the installation of the National Commission for the Prevention, Comprehensive Protection and Eradication against the Sexual Abuse of Girls, Boys and Adolescents.

This was reported by the Ministry through its Twitter account, @MinSaludVE.

The commission is a space for coordination between the organs and entities of the Public Power, to guarantee the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the State’s action, in the fight against the sexual abuse of girls, boys and adolescents.

Among the attributions of this instance, is the promotion of the active participation of families and society in the prevention, comprehensive protection and eradication against sexual abuse of girls, boys and adolescents.


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