National Association of Pharmacists asks the Legislative Body to structure and not modify Law 1 of Medicines

Within the framework of the Single Dialogue Table, the National College of Pharmacists (Conalfarm) sent a note to the president of the National Assembly, Crispiano Adames, in which he reiterates that there is no need to modify Law 1 on Medicines and other products for human health, but to structure it to improve it, through Title IV.

“The problem is not legal, it is purely administrative, so we suggest that Title IV of Law 1 on Medicines be regulated,” says the note sent to the Legislative Body on July 25.

Jaime Olive, president of the board of directors of Conalfarm, indicates that in the end what is intended is to continue protecting the interests of the distributors and not allow new actors to enter to achieve better prices and that the State can contract directly when the affordable prices for the population.

Regulating Title IV of Law 1 on Medicines is the only way to ensure that the contracting of medicines is duly regulated, Olive maintains.

He added that recently Panama approved, with the rest of the Central American countries, the Sanitary Registry using Law 1.

“All the countries of Latin America have adjusted their regulatory processes and their legislation regarding medicines, based on Law 1, however, Panama is going backwards and we cannot allow that,” he pointed out.

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