National Assembly today chooses its new president; Crispiano Adames is running for re-election

On the morning of this Friday, July 1, the plenary session of the National Assembly will choose its new board of directors for the period 2022-2023. To be president of the Legislative, 36 votes are required; the PRD, which has 35 deputies, would only lack one vote, which would be given by its ally, the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (Molirena), which has five deputies. However, they will also seek support among other benches.

Deputy Crispiano Adames remains as a candidate for president of the National Assembly for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) bench. Two political groups have instructed their benches to vote for their own candidate.

Molirena will once again nominate Miguel Fanovich for the second vice presidency, while on Thursday, the PRD decided, in a secret ballot, that Kayra Harding is the candidate who will nominate the first vice president. The directives of the Democratic Change (CD) and Panameñista parties made it clear to their deputies that the line to follow is to support a candidate from their respective benches and not vote for PRD figures.

Rómulo Roux, president of the CD, stated that his party “rejects any type of pact with the PRD.” He adds that “this July 1, 2022, Cambio Democrático will once again go with its own candidate in the choice of the Legislative Directive”, which will be represented by deputy Ana Giselle Rosas.

The plenary of the National Assembly is made up of 71 deputies. Of that total, 35 are deputies from the Democratic Revolutionary Party, five from the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement, 18 from the Democratic Change party, eight from the Panameñista Party and five deputies from the independent caucus.

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