National Assembly strengthens cooperation agenda with Colombia

National Assembly strengthens cooperation agenda with Colombia

The deputies of the National Assembly (AN) advance a work agenda to strengthen cooperation with the Republic of Colombia, before the resumption of diplomatic relations between both nations, informed the deputy of the state of Táchira, Diomar Ruedas.

The statements were offered during his participation in the Al Aire program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, where he stated that “from the AN an approach was made, so that friendship must be strengthened, with the Colombian parliament.”

He stressed that an agreement must be reached to unify criteria in trade relations, because the Venezuelan economy was hit by sanctions.

Likewise, he indicated that the advances in the relationship with Colombia, is the recognition of the Colombian government “from Colombia the attacks against Venezuela were planned, it is already an advance that President Gustavo Petro asks to sit down with President Nicolás Maduro and recognizes him, The issue of Monomers is an advance, that does not happen overnight, we have been in recess for seven years, which has been hitting us”.


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