National Assembly authorizes decoration to ambassador Joaquín Pérez

The National Assembly of Venezuela authorized diplomat Joaquín Pérez Ayesterán to accept the “For Integration” award, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Venezuelan parliamentarians approved by majority the authorization requested by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Yván Gil, so that the citizen Joaquin Perez Ayesteran receive recognition.

In this regard, Deputy Nosliw Rodríguez highlighted the “distinguished diplomatic career” built by Pérez.

“He has been fundamental in each of the missions in which he has been sent (…) Fundamental in the Venezuelan mission of the United Nations Organization,” said the legislator.

He noted that the ambassador, who serves as the Deputy Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the UN, has been the political coordinator and representative of the Bolivarian nation in the Non-Aligned Movement.

“When Venezuela had membership in the United Nations Security Council, Joaquín Pérez was there coordinating the sanctions committee and the fight against terrorism,” he stressed.

Deputy Rodríguez reflected that “in the most difficult times that Venezuelans have had to live through, we have to say that young people with dignity have been there defending the sovereignty of Venezuela.”

“This decoration that is given to this comrade recognizes all the development of international cooperation, a recognition for peace,” he closed.

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