National Assembly appointed new magistrates to the TSJ (+List)

National Assembly appointed new magistrates to the TSJ (+List)

During the ordinary session this Tuesday, the National Assembly (AN) appointed the new magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) and the heads of the General Inspectorate of Courts (IGT) and the National School of the Magistracy (ENM), in accordance with article 264 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In total, 42 magistrates were appointed to represent the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), from the National Assembly, after evaluating the candidates by civil society, they were approved by a qualified majority.

The deputy, Giuseppe Alessandrello, President of the Judicial Nominations Committee, was in charge of announcing the candidates for the approval of the AN.

“This is a transcendental act in the political life of this country and in all its institutions,” Alessandrello said.

He recalled that 434 citizens applied. “In the end, we issued a list with 271 candidates.”

In addition, information was requested from the various agencies of the Venezuelan State, such as Saime, Seniat, Sebin, Comptroller General of the Republic, CICPC, among others.

Deputy Alessandrello indicated that after filtering the list, a total of 271 citizens were selected; which was sent to the Citizen Power, a body that purged 4 people. The last list was presented to the National Assembly.

For his part, the vice president of the Judicial Nominations Committee, deputy José Gregorio Correa, called on the new members of the highest court in the country to bring justice within the reach of the citizen.

According to Correa, the great problems of Venezuelan justice are not concentrated in the highest court in the country, but in the lower courts where “small judges abuse the law as if they were the owners of justice. there are things that happen that the TSJ never find out about,” he said.

On the other hand, José Gregorio Correa, said he was satisfied with the result of the new TSJ, for being a renewed institution, where there will be familiar and new faces. “This conjunction can be very useful for the justice system in Venezuela,” he said.

“I am satisfied with this TSJ but that is the law of life, we can present a court that can be renewed, these mixtures, can be very useful for justice in Venezuela,” said Correa.

The president of the National Assembly (AN) Jorgé Rodríguez congratulated the election process.

“Let us stand up and applaud the Judicial Nominations Committee that in a conscientious, wise, magnanimous manner directed the evaluation process, receipt of credentials, interviews, analysis that have led to the proposal that is on the table today,” he told the press. Once he assured that he was satisfied with the result.

During the swearing-in, he explained that the new magistrates will have a responsibility to the country.

“This National Assembly, which rescues the highest values ​​of the Constitution and institutions of the Republic, has fully complied from the first moment that the Judicial Nominations Committee was formed,” he concluded.

Below are the new members of the TSJ:

Principal Magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber:

  • Gladys Maria Gutierrez
  • Lourdes Suarez Anderson
  • Luis Damian Bustillos
  • Calixto Antonio Ortega Rios
  • Thania D´Alemio


  • Christopher Corniels
  • Michelle Velazquez
  • Olga Alvarez
  • Jackeline Sosa
  • Rene DeGraves

Principal Magistrates of the Political-Administrative Chamber:

  • Malachi Gil
  • Barbara Gabriela Cesar
  • Juan Carlos Hidalgo


  • Eulalia Guerrero
  • Emilio Ramos
  • Luis Emilio Rondon

Principal Magistrates of the Electoral Chamber:

  • Carlisia Beatriz Rodriguez
  • Fanny Marquez
  • Innocent Jose Figueroa


  • Grisell Lopez
  • Juan Pablo Torrez
  • Anabel Hernandez

Main Magistrates of the Civil Tiredness Chamber:

  • Carmen Heredia Alvarez
  • Henry Tapia
  • Jose Luis Gutierrez


  • Jaime Jesus Baez
  • Jeanete Trinidad Cordoba
  • Juan Carlos Cuencas

Principal Magistrates of the Criminal Cassation Chamber:

  • Elizabeth Gomez
  • Maikel Jose Moreno Perez
  • Carmen Marisela Castro


  • Heriberto Pena
  • Katherine Harington
  • paul antonio gomez

Main Magistrates of the Social Cassation Chamber:

  • Edgar Gaviria Rodriguez
  • Carlos Alexis Castillo
  • Elijah Ruben Bittar


  • Evelio Gonzales
  • Eneida Perez
  • Julio Cesar Zerpa

Inspector General of Courts

Director of the National School of the Judiciary:

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