National Amber Alert Commission is formally installed

Angel Valdes | June 30, 2023

With the aim of establishing a collaboration system between public and private entities, the media and civil society to quickly locate minors in situations of absence, abduction, kidnapping or disappearance, the Minister of Government, Roger Tejada Bryden, installed the National Amber Alert Committee, in compliance with Law 230 of 2021.

The committee is made up of representatives of the ministries of Government, Public Security, Social Development, the Public Ministry, the Panamanian Chamber of Private Security, the National Migration Service, the National Authority of Public Services and a representative of the media. social, in this case represented by the State System of Radio and Television.

The head of Government maintained that the action protocol will be established, and a web page will be created that publishes the information of the minors reported missing as long as they have the authorization of their parents, in order to coordinate and promote the actions aimed at preventing the disappearances of minors.

After the approval of the regulation, the Government Innovation Authority (AIG) will present the platform and its application to the Committee. The system will work not only through social networks, the media; but also, through the telephone lines, the community, organizations, associations, civic and social groups. This involves the entire community and the entire civil society, said the Minister of Government.

For his part, the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, explained that this activation of the digital system is a joint effort between security institutions and the community. “What the Amber Alert is about is activating the entire Panamanian population responsible for what is happening, in order to prevent these events from occurring and help the entities of the Public Ministry and the National Police to locate the immediate location of the case,” he said.

The attorney in charge, Javier Caraballo, stated that the Alert constitutes a turning point in the issue of prevention, repression of the type of criminal behavior that affects our youth and minors in the country. “This decree regulates Law No. 230 of June 24, 2021 that creates the Amber Alert for the quick and expeditious location of minors who have disappeared, but above all, what it does is establish a tool that will allow us to join the efforts the Public Ministry and the security forces, the private sector and the general public, so that they help us in solving these cases of high social content”, he added.

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