Natalia Jiménez starts a tour in PR that brings her to the DR on September 1

Natalia Jiménez starts a tour in PR that brings her to the DR on September 1

the spanish artists Natalia Jimenez begins this weekend its tour in Puerto Rico that will bring it on September 1 to the National Theater.

The concert will be a celebration of his personal history and professional career, which began in 2001 with La Quinta Estación. The tour is titled «Anthology 20 years tour».

In a meeting with the press on Isla del Encanto, singer-songwriter Natalia Jiménez described her career as “very healthy.” She is currently 40 years old and when she is 60 years old she intends to continue singing if her health allows it. “I hope to die on stage,” she sentenced.

The interpreter of The sun does not come backbegan his solo journey in 2011 with an album that bears his own name.

She announced that she has a role as an actress in the series El Rey, about the life of Vicente Fernández. It is expected to be released soon on the Netflix platform.

Concerned about the violent content of a type of music, Natalia Jiménez says to pay special attention to her lyrics, so as not to fall into it. «I have very empowered songs like ‘Stay with her’ which is very funny, and ‘I believe in me’ which is very serious. And I do try to be aware of what she sings and what I do».

She said she felt that not everything should be protesting, in terms of support for women. “I feel like it has to be looking for equality,” she said. She stated that it should be reflected in equal work opportunities, the same opportunities at home. “That motherhood be made easier for us, because it is complicated.” She explained that especially for “us as workers”, having to have a family, having to wait to have a family… “There are many things that have to improve… But here we go,” she confided.

NEW VERSIONS of Natalia Jiménez

At the press conference, he told the newspaper the spokesmanfrom Puerto Rico, who will review his best-known songs with new arrangements, because “I’ve had enough of singing them with the same version”.

“We are going to do different versions of the songs so that they get to know them in a different way and so that I can also give myself the pleasure of singing them in another way”.

The interpreter of the world is wrong has its large base of operations in Mexico, a country to which it has dedicated two of its studio albums Mexico in my heart (2019) and Mexico in my heart Vol.2 (2021). Other albums of his have been I believe in myself (2015) and Tribute to the great lady (2016).

Reviewed by Primera Hora, the artist confessed that the music she likes the most is the regional ranchera of Mexico. But she would also like to do boleros, couplets. «I would like to make an album of couplets one day. Like that Rocío Jurado and such… », she acknowledged.

His tour “Anthology 20 years” will obviously go to Mexico, the United States, other Latin American countries and the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo it will arrive on September 1 at the hands of César Suárez Jr.

Tickets for sale at Uepa Tickets and the National Theater box office range from RD$5,295 (balcony; VIP (rows Q to BB) to RD$7,415; Special Guest (rows J to P) RD$7,945 and Front Stage (rows A to the H) right and left at RD$8,745 and central stalls at RD$9,535.

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