Natacha de Crombrugghe: Cabanaconde prays for the soul of a tourist and they read Pepito's poem

Natacha de Crombrugghe: Cabanaconde prays for the soul of a tourist and they read Pepito’s poem

The residents of the district of cabanaconde and the parish priest of the place in the province of Caylloma joined for the posthumous tribute to the tourist Y They prayed for the repose of his soul.

The simple ceremony was held in the choko bridgein the Colca River where the remains of the foreigner were found by some fishermen brothers.

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Also, from the top of the viewpoint the poem was read that a person composed under the pseudonym of Pepito. As an offering to Pachamama and the Colca River for allowing the remains of the tourist to be found, They threw flower petals into the Colca River.

It should be remembered that the young disappeared on January 24 of this year, the day after he arrived in Colca to visit different places and his body was found in the river at the end of September, although his identity was only confirmed the first week of October.

Natacha’s parents Eric and Sabine, they still could not collect the skeletal remains of the morgue of Arequipa to transfer to Europe, for the lack of permits and compliance with administrative procedures.


Somewhere in the world

where the condor flies

the air is pure, diaphanous

and humble people dwell,

feelings emerge

endearing friendship

in life circumstances

that puts us to the test.

Eric, Sabine, Tanguy,

Natacha Spirit of Colca

and all your new friends

united in one heart

with loving affection.

the moments lived

leave unforgettable memories

and the great joy of knowing each other.

So many bad days have passed

we witnessed the hours

spent with so many

uncertainties and pains,

that we welcomed as ours.

You leave in our hearts

An immense love and nostalgia

for his inevitable return,

and the tranquility that departs

with our dear Nastacha,

yes, our Natacha,

because his spirit lives

and will live forever here

as a symbol of freshness and freedom.

A huge and endless hug,

they will always be present

in our feelings.

We say see you soon.


(Until we meet again)

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