Narcos go on the run and "abandon" a truck with more than a million dollars in Río San Juan

Narcos go on the run and “abandon” a truck with more than a million dollars in Río San Juan

The Nicaraguan Police seized a total of 1.28 million dollars, after some alleged drug traffickers abandoned a truck with the cargo in the municipality of El Castillo, department of Río San Juan, on the border with Costa Rica, subsequently going on the run. , reported the repressive institution.

According to the police statement, the seizure was made on Tuesday night, when the uniformed men signaled a stop to the truck, with a Nicaraguan license plate, which was followed by two trucks and a motorcycle.

“At the time of signaling them to stop, they fled the place and left the truck abandoned,” the institution said, adding that after the men fled, an inspection was carried out that resulted in the discovery of money under one of the seats. of the heavy automotive

“In inspection of the vehicle, a cache was detected in the second cabin, under the seat, where 48 packages were hidden wrapped with adhesive tape with money, counting US$ 1,283,760 dollars (one million, two hundred eighty-three thousand, seven hundred sixty dollars Americans),” police said.

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In its report, the police institution described the seizure as a “resounding blow to organized crime and international drug trafficking.”

“The Scintrex Trace technique (cocaine particle detector) was applied to seized money and a vehicle with positive results for cocaine particles,” the Police continued.

Nearly $60 million seized

An investigation carried out by the investigative environment Divergent reveals that in the last five years the National Police has seized more than 59 million dollars from suspected drug traffickers and seized 22.3 tons of cocaine.

The report indicates that this is a “tiny” amount, compared to those seized by the rest of the Central American countries.

To date, the authorities have not reported the destination of the seized money, that is, if they have been delivered to the corresponding institutions, as established by Law 735, Law for the Prevention, Investigation and Prosecution of Organized Crime and the Administration of seized, forfeited and abandoned assets.

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