"Nano" accuses Tania Ramírez of making a "counter-campaign" with the frustrated advancement of the 2023 elections

“Nano” accuses Tania Ramírez of making a “counter-campaign” with the frustrated advancement of the 2023 elections

A dissident of the last vote for the elections to be held this year, Ramírez described the Fujimori proposal as “irresponsible”.

Discordance. on the bench of people force agreed to vote en bloc in favor of general elections being held this year, but not all complied. Your member’s replacement text “Nano” Guerra Garcia, also president of the constitution commission, restated the first proposal of 2024 for 2023. The order was complied with because the National Executive Committee, lead by Keiko Fujimori, reported the cyclical urgency that demands a prompt cut of the political class. Nevertheless, Tania Ramirez, Remembered for recording herself dancing to a song in the José Carlos Mariátegui room, she voted in red.

Ramírez’s refusal coincided with that of Alejandro Cavero and Adriana Tudela, from Advance Country. Like them, the legislator questioned the reconsideration raised by Guerra García as “a consensus” had already been achieved by April 2024. She even described it as “irresponsible” in dialogue with Radio Programas.

“Nano” responded this last February 1, after the Plenary reject the new substitute text that proposed complementary elections for 2023 with the possibility of re-election. He told Canal N that Ramírez raised his position in a party meeting and lost. Guerra García’s objections to his seatmate are because he considers that he carried out a “counter-campaign.”

“In my opinion, when you lose a vote, unless you say ‘I express my reservations,’ you should abide by the vote your group made. She not only has not done it, but later she has been making a counter-campaign. For me, that is something within a game. It will be the party instances that decide (…) One can vote and maintain a democratic silence, ”she said.

In the conversation, Guerra García commented that Fuerza Popular will support the reconsideration proposed by Adriana Tudela for Alejandro Cavero’s constitutional reform project. His minority opinion postulates that the complementary elections be held in April 2024, in addition to a referendum to see if those sentenced for terrorism, kidnapping, classified homicide and other crimes deserve to run for public office. It is still unknown if Ramírez will be on the same page.

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